An open Sonation sound insulation hood. Next to it a pump on an oil pan. In addition, various Sonation sound insulation hoods lined up.

External Display for APPS devices

The display can be connected to all Sonation products with APPS module and shows at a glance all important data such as temperature, current drawn by the vacuum pump and function of the fans.
Parameters such as the preset limit temperatures can also be set via the display.



Clear display of the following values:

  • Current temperature
  • Minimum and maximum temperature
  • Current current consumption of the load connected in the sound enclosure
  • Average and maximum current consumption of the load
  • Speed of the fans
  • Operating hours
  • Output of error messages and warnings in plain text
Configuration of the temperature limits for warning or error signaling
Control of other devices via potential-free output
This allows the APPS module to be integrated into a central alarm system or the mass spectrometer to be shut down in a controlled manner in the event of a fault.

Technical data

122x80x70mm (WxTxD)
5V / 100mA max
The power supply is provided by the APPS module connected to "APPS IN 1"
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