An open Sonation sound insulation hood. Next to it a pump on an oil pan. In addition, various Sonation sound insulation hoods lined up.

The Sonation oil change kit

All rotary vane pumps must have their oil changed at regular intervals. In the past, it was difficult to prevent some of the oil from running onto the laboratory floor and over the hands.
With the Sonation oil change kit, the oil drain plug of the pump is replaced by a convenient drain adapter with ball valve. The complete oil can then be easily drained in one easy step.

Especially with pumps that stand directly on the floor, the pump often had to be lifted for the oil change until now. With the flat oil drain sump, this is no longer necessary. This makes every oil change a clean and simple job.



With a flick of the wrist, all the oil can be drained into the shallow oil drain sump provided.


Flyer - Oil change kit
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