Opened double column oven ready for column insertion

For two columns in alternating operation - the DBO series

The DBO series enables the parallel usage of two independent analytical columns.

Since the loading, sampling and washing cycles can be performed in parallel, the utilization of the mass spectrometer can be almost doubled.


Mounting kit

A mounting kit is required to mount the oven to the respective source. Please select the appropriate mounting kit.


Throughput increase due to parallel washing, loading and equilibration.
Thanks to the possibility of operating two columns simultaneously, the throughput and utilization of the mass spectrometer increases.
Precise temperature control
Precise temperature control keeps the temperature of the column constant at one value, making the results independent of room temperature and thus reproducible and comparable.
Higher column temperature
By heating up the column, it is possible to increase the flow rate while maintaining the same pressure, or to use longer columns at the same pressure and throughput. This leads to shorter measuring cycles with consistently good results.
Faster washing cycles
Due to the higher column temperature, the washing cycle can be accelerated significantly while the pressure of the HPLC remains the same.
Simple usage
The temperature can be set on the analytical computer via the supplied software. For automated applications, the column temperature can be controlled via a control input or via a program interface.


CO-Control application software
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User manual
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