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Sonation Active Pump Protection System

The operating data monitoring module APPS (Active Pump Protection System) developed by us enables you to perfectly protect your sensitive and important equipment.
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Active Pump Protection System - APPS

With the APPS module, suitable and retrofittable for all Sonation sound protection hoods, the pump is optimally protected. All important operating data such as temperature, current consumption and the function of the fans are constantly monitored. In the event of a fault, an optical and acoustic warning is issued.
APPS provides comprehensive monitoring of all safety-relevant data of the pump and the sound enclosure.

The following functions or data are monitored during operation:

  • Exhaust air temperature
  • Speed / function of the fans
  • Power supply and function of the sound protection hood
  • Current consumption of the connected load

 Interface Piezo speaker Button with LED Reset

Close-up of the rear modules. Interface, piezo speaker, button with LED and reset.
Three user-selectable modes are available. The user can switch between the modes by pressing the button for at least 10 seconds. The mode change is confirmed acoustically. Depending on the mode, one, two or three confirmation tones sound.


Temperature monitoring with overtemperature alarm
The interior temperature is monitored continuously. If a threshold is exceeded, a visual and acoustic warning is given. If the temperature reaches dangerous values due to a pump defect, the power supply to the pump is interrupted to prevent consequential damage (can be switched off).
The measured temperature is the exhaust air temperature and thus reflects the exact ambient temperature inside the sound protection hood. Most other systems measure the temperature near the air inlets and thus indicate a temperature that is too low.
Wide range input
The APPS device can be operated on 110V networks as well as on 230V networks.
Temperature controlled fans
The speed of the fans is only as high as necessary to keep the pump cool. This extends the service life of the fans and also reduces the noise level.
Monitoring of the fans
If one or more fans fail or significantly lose power, this is indicated visually and acoustically. The system thus monitors and detects age-related wear as well as the sudden total failure of a fan.
Monitoring of the pump current
When the pump is operated at the integrated socket, the pump current is monitored. If the current consumption exceeds a critical value over a longer period of time, which can occur, for example, in the event of bearing damage, the power supply is interrupted to prevent total damage to the pump. If this function is not required, it can be deactivated.
Connection to a PC
With the optional software, all values can be conveniently monitored on a PC and also integrated and evaluated in third-party software via interfaces.
All existing sound protection hoods can be retrofitted with the system.

Error codes

When limit values are exceeded, a visual and audible warning is issued. The following list shows the possible error codes and the measures to be taken.
The alarm can be acknowledged by pressing the key. The sound signal is then suppressed for one hour or one day, depending on the urgency of the alarm. The LED continues to flash.

Blink/Beep code: - Meaning: Monitoring module faulty

If the box is connected to the mains and the LED does not flash once, twice or three times every 5 seconds, the monitoring module is faulty.
Use a thin screwdriver or a bent paper clip to press the reset button through the small hole next to the button . If this does not help, please contact Sonation to discuss how to proceed.

Blink/Beepcode: 1 Meaning: OpMode 1: Normal operation.

The sound protection hood monitors all important data and functions. This mode is the delivery state. By pressing the key, the function of the LED and the sound signal can be checked. A short confirmation tone sounds after 5 seconds at the latest.

Blink/beep code: 2 Meaning: OpMode 2: Aging monitoring deactivated.

In normal operation, the aging of the fans is monitored. An alarm sounds when the speed of the fans has permanently dropped by 20%. This alarm is suppressed in mode 2. However, an alarm still sounds if the fans fail completely.

Blink/Beepcode: 3 Meaning: OpMode 3: Aging monitoring + emergency shutdown deactivated

In modes 1 and 2, when a critical exhaust air temperature is reached (default 60°C), when all fans fail, and when a critical overcurrent of the internal socket occurs, the socket is switched off to protect the consumer. In mode 3 this function is switched off.
This mode may only be used if shutting down the pump will cause more damage than if the pump overheats. If this mode is used, the pump must be monitored by other means by the operator.

Blink/Beep code: 2-1 Meaning: Power supply failure

The external power supply has failed.
If you have intentionally interrupted the mains supply, mute the alarm by pressing the key. As soon as the storage capacitors have discharged, the monitoring module switches off. With the sound signal switched off, this takes approx. 5 hours. If the voltage has not been switched off intentionally, please check the fuse in the device to which the box is connected.

Blink/Beepcode: 2-2 Meaning: Temperature warning (default: T>40°C)

The exhaust air temperature is higher than the set limit.
Make sure that the supply and exhaust air is not blocked, the unit does not produce too much waste heat and the ambient temperature is not too high.

Blink/beep code: 2-3 Meaning: Overtemperature (default: T>60°C).

The exhaust air temperature is higher than the set limit.
The internal socket is switched off for safety reasons (exception: OpMode 3 is selected). Make sure that the supply and exhaust air is not blocked, the unit does not produce too much waste heat and the ambient temperature is not too high. Check the operation of the fans and the insulated unit.


Blink/Beepcode: 3-1 Meaning: Lifetime of fans reached (n < 80% n_new).
The sound protection hood checks the maximum speed of the installed fans on a weekly basis. If this drops below 80% of the speed at delivery, a corresponding alarm is displayed for about half a minute (exception: OpMode 2 or 3 is selected). The rear panel should be replaced immediately to be able to guarantee the cooling of the insulated device.

Blink/Beepcode: 3-2 Meaning: Fan failure or too low speed (n < 700 rpm)

If the speed of one or more fans drops below 700 rpm, this alarm is issued. Make sure that the fans are not blocked.

Blink/Beep code: 3-3 Meaning: Failure of all fans

If all fans fail, this error code occurs. To prevent the insulated unit from overheating, open the front door of the sound insulation module. The rear part should be replaced immediately.

Blink/Beepcode: 1-2-1 Meaning: Configuration error

The number of power supplies, temperature sensors and fans is programmed into the monitoring module at the factory. This error indicates an invalid configuration. Please contact Sonation to discuss how to proceed.

Blink/Beepcode: 1-2-2 Meaning: Discharged or faulty buffer capacitors

After connecting the supply voltage, the internal buffer capacitors are charged. During the charging process (about 10 minutes) this alarm may occur. If the alarm is still displayed after 10 minutes, please contact Sonation.

Blink/Beepcode: 1-2-3 Meaning: Failure of a temperature sensor

To protect the pumps, all fans are running at full speed. The back unit should be replaced immediately.

Blink/Beepcode: 1-3-1 Meaning: +24V power supply faulty

The internal power supply is faulty. The back unit should be replaced immediately.

Blink/Beepcode: 1-3-2 Meaning: +5V power supply faulty

The internal voltage regulator is faulty. The back unit must be replaced immediately.

Blink/Beepcode: 2-1-2 Meaning: Overcurrent (default: 12A or 19.2A)

The current consumption of the internal socket is monitored. If the current consumption exceeds 12A (for 10A models) or 19.2A (for 16A models) for a longer period of time, the power supply to the socket is interrupted to protect the electronics and the connected pump (exception: OpMode 3 is selected).



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