An open Sonation sound insulation hood. Next to it a pump on an oil pan. In addition, various Sonation sound insulation hoods lined up.

Model SSH-LU

This sound protection hood insulates both backing pumps of the Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Fusion Lumos. It is installed under the instrument table and thus requires no additional space. The included oil tray on wheels makes it easy to move the pumps for service.


Pump configuration

Select the pump configuration of your device here. If it is not (yet) known to you, select "no selection".


Sound protection
The noise level in the laboratory is significantly reduced which prevents hearing damage and leads to higher concentration and productivity.
Universal and flexible
By using pump-specific interchangeable covers, the sound protection hood fits perfectly to the pump used. If a different pump is to be insulated at a later date, this is easily possible by replacing the cover.
Simple commissioning
Commissioning of the sound protection hood can be carried out by the end user within a few minutes.
Easy pump access
Both the cover and the front can be removed with a flick of the wrist via quick-release fasteners. This makes it easy to check the oil level, operate the gas ballast valve or perform other work on the pump at any time.
Internal pump socket
All sound protection hoods are equipped with an internal socket for connecting the vacuum pump. This means that only one socket or cable is required to supply power to the pump and the sound protection hood. Separate power supply of the pump and the sound protection hood is also possible.
Temperature monitoring with alarm function
The exhaust air temperature is continuously monitored. In the event of overheating, a visual and acoustic alarm is triggered.
Temperature-controlled fans
The speed of the fans is controlled depending on the required cooling capacity, which contributes to an increased service life as well as optimal noise minimization.
Wide range input
The sound protection hood can be operated on 110V networks as well as on 230V networks.
Emergency shutdown function
When a critical internal temperature is reached, it is possible to automatically switch off the internal socket to prevent a defect.

Technical data

External dimensions
960 x 539 x 720mm (WxHxD)
Maximum internal dimensions
867 x 402 x 594mm (WxHxD)
Noise reduction
About 16dB(A) -> Corresponds to about 80% noise reduction
Insulation material
High-quality insulation made of environmentally friendly recycled material. PUR-based acoustic foam with fleece-laminated, oil- and water-repellent surface. Flammability: Complies with FMVSS 302 and DIN 75200 respectively.


Noise reduction boxes for backing pumps - Users manual
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Flyer Noise reduction boxes
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